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Scholl Concepts S20 Black 1-step Compound 1kg


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Scholl Concepts S20 Black Real 1-Step Compound is a visionary compound covering a wide range of applications for detailing weathered and scratched paint surfaces and leaving a hologram-free finish.

Due to continuous further improvements of Scholl Concepts iPT Powder Technology this polish has been developed to remove deep scratches and treats weathered surfaces quickly and effortlessly in only one step, regardless of the hardness of the clear coat system.

Despite its tremendous cutting performance, the superior, mirror-like gloss of this 1-Step Detailing Compound is remarkable. Even holograms and swirl marks on dark paint surfaces can be polished out easily.

Suitable for use on almost all paints, S20 Black can be applied with rotary and dual action machine polishers.

Using Ultra Diminishing abrasive technology, the compound starts as a very capable cutting compound, as you work the product, the abrasive breaks apart rapidly and can be visibly seen to turn into a clear film. This refines the finish and glosses up the surface at the same time, leaving you with a swirl & haze free finish.

    P1500-2000 Sanding Marks can be removed in Seconds
    No Dusting
    Super High Gloss and Super correction capability

With this compound cutting rate is pad dependant, it is about utilising the diminishing technology with different grades of pads.

Coupling this compound with an aggressive pad will see heavy defects eliminated with ease with little to no hazing.

Using this compound with a medium pad will see still a great level of cut, but without any trace marks, hazing or swirling.

Using this compound with a finishing pad will see lower cut levels but fabulous gloss levels.

Cut: Heavy  (4/6) 
Gloss: Extreme (6/6)

Size: 1kg



  • Finishes to an incredibly gloss even on soft paints
  • Removes p2000-1500 grit defects
  • Saves time and steps
  • Won't stick to paint even on hot surfaces
  • No dusting
  • Intelligent Powder Technology (iPT)
  • Free of wax, silicone, and toxic solvents
  • Body Shop Safe - Silicone and wax free


  • Made in Germany
  • 1 Kg
  • Color: Purple
  • Cut: 5.5/8
  • Gloss: 7.5/8


  1. After spreading work at speed 4-5 applying moderate pressure through the first half of the cycle.
  2. Next use progressively lighter pressure until finished down.  Machine speed varies based on machine and paint.
  3. Once completed, buff off the faint residue using a microfiber towel.
  4. Use only 3-5 pea size drops for each additional section (depending on pad size)


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Scholl Concepts S20 Black 1-step Compound 1kg

Scholl Concepts S20 Black 1-step Compound 1kg