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Gyeon Q² Syncro 100+50ml


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A dual-layer paint coating that’s easy to use.

GYEON Q2 Syncro is a two-step coating system that delivers, with the first coat, a durable and long lasting protection and, with the second coat, unparalleled hydrophobic and glossy qualities.

GYEON has reengineered their extremely popular Mohs Ceramic Paint Coating, allowing for even easier application than before, and to bond perfectly with the GYEON Skin also included in the GYEON Q2 Syncro kit.

GYEON Q2 Syncro is essentially two coatings working together for the best possible outcome. GYEON Skin is a thick and flexible top coat that offers great self-cleaning abilities and excellent protection against additional assault.

This sophisticated double-stage protection offers incredible results with little effort.

Directions for use:
•For best results first fully prep your painted surfaces (wash, decontaminate, paint correction if necessary).

•Using the included Coating Applicator and suede microfiber towels, apply a layer of GYEON Mohs in a crisscross pattern. If needed, you can do a second application to achieve a perfectly even layer.

•Allow the product to flash (10-30 seconds depending on climate and temperature during application) and wipe off carefully, being sure not to leave any streaks or smudges.

•You will need to apply at least one more coat of GYEON Mohs before using GYEON Skin.

•After a minimum of 4 hours, you can now apply the GYEON Skin using a coating applicator and microfiber suede towels in a crisscross motion.

•Wipe off immediately and carefully, being sure not to leave any streaks or smudges.

•Allow coating to dry for at least 12 hours.

GYEON Q2 Syncro includes:
•100ml GYEON Q2 Mohs
•50ml GYEON Q2 Skin
•100ml GYEON Cure
•Application dropper
•8 qty. GYEON Suede Microfiber Towels
•GYEON Coating Applicator
•Directions for use


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Gyeon Q² Syncro 100+50ml

Gyeon Q² Syncro 100+50ml