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Gyeon Q² Trim 30ml kit

Gyeon Q² Trim 30ml kit

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Gyeon Quartz Q2 Trim Coating is a highly advanced quartz coating specifically made to revive and protect exterior trim and plastics on your car.

Exterior plastics can fade with high levels of harmful UV radiation, and be discoloured (even ‘bleached’) by powerful chemicals and acid rain.

Because Trim is a highly advanced coating it can last for over 12months or over 15,000kms.

Gyeon Trim can bring mildly faded plastic and trim back to life, especially when thoroughly cleaned prior and this SiO2 coating can penetrate into the pores of the plastics. The incredibly strong bond that is then created also provides a hydrophobic effect (like on paint) where water simply bounces off. This makes the trim and plastics easier to clean and gives you a nice water beading effect to repel dirt and grime that used to get embedded in them.

Gyeon Trim can be applied to all porous exterior plastics and trim including grills, trim, surrounds, bumpers and even headlights to provide ongoing UV protection for these sensitive parts. It leaves a deeper darker finish which is Matt/Satin and a gloss finish, so can be used on all types of plastics.

It is recommended that you use Gyeon Prep Surface Cleaner or similar before application of Gyeon Trim.

For best results
Ensure your trim or plastic surfaces are clean, dry and free from contamination; so wash thoroughly and dry (use a brush on textured surfaces to clean properly).

Shake the Gyeon Trim well, take one of the applicator cloths on top of the applicator block and apply a small amount of Trim. Wipe over a section gently ensuring you pass over all the area at least twice to provide even thick coverage. Wait for 2-5 minutes depending on heat/humidity the coating should be absorbed and dry, then wipe off with a good quality microfibre cloth. Repeat for all other sections on your trim until revived and coated.
We recommend not getting the coating wet for at least 6 hours to allow it to properly cure.

Always coat in cool conditions, not in direct sunlight.


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Gyeon Q² Trim 30ml kit

Gyeon Q² Trim 30ml kit